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Archive of News

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30 May 2012: UCLU Arts Awards 2012

UCLU has announced the winners of their 2012 Arts achievement Awards. Nominations for these awards are made by students, and the winners are chosen by a judging panel from the Activities Forum.

30 May 2012: Students to benefit from Lloyds Scholars programme

UCL has signed up to the Lloyds Scholars programme, a scholarship scheme that will provide financial support for talented students from below average income families. Under the terms of the programme, support will be provided for 15 students kicking off in September 2012. More...

30 May 2012: New postgraduate courses at UCL Institute of the Americas

The UCL Institute of the Americas has recently been established to promote, coordinate and provide a focus for research and postgraduate teaching on the Americas. This includes Latin America, the United States, the Caribbean and Canada. More...

30 May 2012: UCL Institute of the Americas

UCL is building on its existing strength in teaching and research on the Americas by establishing the UCL Institute of the Americas as part of the Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences. More...

30 May 2012: Iconic New Zealand reptile shows chewing is not just for mammals

The tuatara, an iconic New Zealand reptile, chews its food in a way unlike any other animal on the planet – challenging the widespread perception that complex chewing ability is closely linked to high metabolism. More...

30 May 2012: Better urban planning is essential to improve health

The proportion of the world’s population that lives in cities has been steadily rising, so that 3 in 5 of all people globally will live in a city by 2030. The UCL-Lancet Commission on Healthy Cities explores the many issues other than health services that contribute to population health in a city environment.

28 May 2012: Variations of a single gene can result in too much or too little growth

A gene previously linked to too much growth in patients has now also been linked to growth restriction. Different forms of the gene can lead to very different conditions, according to research published in the journal Nature Genetics. More...

25 May 2012: UCL School of Pharmacy students win Intercollegiate Debating Championships

A team of fourth year students from UCL School of Pharmacy have won the 2nd Annual UK Intercollegiate Pharmacy Debating Championships. More...

25 May 2012: Class of 2012: Leaving UCL - now what?

The UCL Careers Service is running a week dedicated to UCL 2012 graduates, to help equip them with some useful knowledge and guidance to help after graduation.

25 May 2012: Campaign for UCL exceeds £300m target

UCL has today announced the closure of its 2004 philanthropic campaign, two years ahead of schedule and over the £300m target it set itself at its launch. The Campaign for UCL is the largest UK campaign to close outside Oxbridge and has raised £316m to fund facilities that include: More...

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