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Archive of News

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21 December 2012: Association funded researchers identify quadruplex structure in C9ORF72

A Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association funded research project at UCL has given new insights into the structure and function of an MND gene called C9ORF72. The work is published in the journal Scientific Reports. More...

21 December 2012: 'Faith in suburbia' exhibition on display at UCL

‘Faith in suburbia: a shared photographic journey’, a collaborative exhibition between UCL geographer Dr Claire Dwyer, award-winning photographer Liz Hingley and six senior members of faith communities in West London, is now on display in the South Cloisters. More...

20 December 2012: Origin of life emerged from cell membrane bioenergetics

A coherent pathway which starts from no more than rocks, water and carbon dioxide and leads to the emergence of the strange bioenergetic properties of living cells has been traced for the first time in a major hypothesis paper in Cell this week. More...

20 December 2012: Health Survey for England reveals a nation in pain

Today's Health Survey for England reveals more than 14 million sufferers of chronic pain - pain which has lasted for more than three months. The study found that pain is more common among some groups than others, pain incurs significant costs and has serious mental health and wellbeing implications. More...

19 December 2012: UCL Electronic & Electrical Engineering win Department of the Year Award

England’s oldest Electrical Engineering Department, founded at UCL in 1885 by the ‘father of electronics’ Professor Sir Ambrose Fleming, has won the ‘Engineers of the Future – University Department of the Year’ award.

18 December 2012: Watch: UCL academic and Olympic choir aim for Christmas number one

A UCL academic is part of a choir making a bid for Christmas number one single. More...

18 December 2012: Record number of Marie Curie Fellowships for research at UCL

23 postdoctoral researchers from 14 different countries have been awarded Marie Curie Individual Fellowships. The awards will enable researchers to spend up to two years working with research teams across all schools at UCL.

14 December 2012: UCL Centre for Medical Image Computing open day

On December 17th 2012, the UCL Centre for Medical Image Computing will be holding their fourth open day to disseminate its research to colleagues, collaborators and funders.

14 December 2012: Warming climate unlikely to cause extinction of ancient Amazon trees

New genetic analysis has revealed that many Amazon tree species are likely to survive man-made climate warming in the coming century, contrary to previous findings that temperature increases would cause them to die out. More...

14 December 2012: More than two hundred genes identified for Crohn’s Disease

More than two hundred gene locations have now been identified for the chronic bowel condition Crohn's Disease, in a study that analysed the entire human genome. More...

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