Social events

Public Talk

Thursday 3 September at 6pm, Location: Darwin Lecture Theatre, UCL

A public talk by Professor Lynn Rothschild (NASA's Ames Research Center and Adjunct Professor at Brown University and the University of California, Santa Cruz): "The Search for Life in the Universe" 

Professor Lynn Rothschild

Each recent report of liquid water existing elsewhere in the solar system has reverberated through the international press and excited the imagination of humankind.  Why?  Because in the last few decades we have come to realize that where there is liquid water on Earth, virtually no matter what the physical conditions, there is life.  What we previously thought of as insurmountable physical and chemical barriers to life, we now see as yet another niche harboring “extremophiles”.  This realization, coupled with new data on the prevalence of potential abodes for life in our solar system and beyond, the survival of microbes in the space environment, modeling of the potential for transfer of life between celestial bodies, and advances in synthetic biology suggests that life could be more common than previously thought.  With these data mounting, are we truly “alone”?

Conference dinner

Goodge Street Spaghetti House

Thursday 3 September at 7.30pm, Location: Spaghetti House, Goodge Street

The conference dinner will take place in the evening on Thursday 3 September, immediately after the Public Talk. 

The dinner will be held at the Spaghetti House on Goodge Street, a short walk from UCL:

  • Address: 15 Goodge Street, London, W1T 2PQ
  • Telephone: 020 7636 6582

There will be a three-course set menu and some wine provided as part of your registration fee if you selected the registration option that includes the conference dinner. Booking for the dinner has now closed and, unfortunately, we cannot accommodate last-minute additions to this event. 

On arrival at the restaurant, please head up to the third floor and choose your place card from the table by the entrance, which should also remind you of your menu choice. You are free to choose where you sit.

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