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The Unit’s forthcoming seminars, conferences and lectures are listed below. We have several different seminar programmes, most of which are free of charge and open to the public. To attend our events it is essential to book and details of how to do so are available via the links below. You can also contact the Unit directly if you require more information.

Forthcoming events at the Constitution Unit

The Regulation of the EU Referendum

Location: Haldane Room, North Cloister, UCL main buildings, Gower Street
The EU referendum in June raised many questions about how referendums in the UK should best be conducted.  Is it appropriate that the government could pump substantial resources into promoting the case for Remain before the final weeks of the campaign?  Should there have been controls on the ability of campaigners to make misleading claims?  Ought broadcasters to have interpreted their duty to maintain impartiality differently?  Is the system of designating lead campaigners fit for purpose?  Could anything have been done to promote more informed and thoughtful engagement from the public?  This seminar will explore these and other questions with four speakers who are uniquely well placed to provide a broad range of fresh insights.

Starts: Oct 25, 2016 1:00:00 PM

English Votes for English Laws One Year on: a critical evaluation

In October 2015 the House of Commons approved an important set of procedural changes, designed by the government, known as ‘English Votes for English Laws’. This new system has proved contentious in both political and constitutional terms, provoking claims that it has fundamentally altered the terms of representation at Westminster. But what should be made of this and other criticisms? This event marks the publication of a major new report by Michael Kenny and Daniel Gover about EVEL’s first year in operation, which sets out the results of an in-depth academic investigation into the reform. It includes detailed analysis of how the new procedures have worked in practice, and also raises questions about their wider constitutional implications. The authors propose a number of changes to the current system and will discuss their main recommendations.

Starts: Nov 28, 2016 6:00:00 PM

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