The Medicina Antiqua Essays are short, authoritative, up-to-date treatments of specific topics in Graeco-Roman medicine and medical thought, with suggestions for further reading or WWW browsing. Several of these essays have been prompted by questions sent to AM/MA, and we welcome suggestions for additional essays. If you would like to contribute an essay, please e-mail me with your proposed topic.

Archaeological remains as a source of evidence for Roman Medicine (pdf) by Dr Patricia Baker (Canterbury, University of Kent).

Hellebore (Helleborus niger) by W. Jeffrey Hurst and Deborah J. Hurst.

Rue (Ruta graveolens) the second in the Hursts' series.

Hemlock (Conium maculatum L.) the third in the Hursts' series.

Poisons, Poisoning, and Poisoners in Ancient Rome by Francois P. Retief & Louise Cilliers.

Hippocrates: The "Greek Miracle" in Medicine by Ann Ellis Hanson.

Dreams in Ancient Medicine by Lee T. Pearcy.

Galen: A Biographical Sketch by Lee T. Pearcy.