About Medicina Antiqua

Medicina Antiqua has had two incarnations. It was originally set up by Dr Lee Pearcy at the Episcopal Academy: see the original site here.

In early 2004, the site moved to the Wellcome Trust for the History of Medicine at UCL and is now maintained by Jason Davies. The majority of the content moved with it but the site has been reorganised and updated.

Future plans

The following will be implemented as time and resources allow. If you wish to help, then please get in touch. Most of these are very time-intensive but once the work is done, it will be available to the scholarly community via this site. If you have suitable material, that will be gratefully received.

  1. Addition of future e-texts as they become available
  2. The creation of a list of ancient medics and their works
  3. Further essays, especially biographies
  4. The addition of teaching syllabuses
  5. The listing of principal new publications


Lee Pearcy set up the original site and laid a foundation for what we hope will be a principal resource for the study of ancient medicine. The Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL stepped in to fund the transfer and survival of the site and provided the domain as well as the possibility of expanding the site in future.

Technical help was given by Mike Laycock at the Trust Centre and help with the HTML coding was given by the BBEdit Web Authoring List who generously ironed out early problems.

Technical Issues and Browsers

It is not guaranteed that this site will load correctly in all browsers, especially older ones like Netscape 4, which do not support Cascading Style Sheets. However this format is a good basis for the site loading appropriately as browsers are gradually updated.
It loads correctly on Mac OS using Safari, Mozilla 1 and up, Netscape 6 and up and other Gecko-based browsers, Opera 6 and Omniweb. iCab does not currently support CSS and will not render the page correctly.
On a PC it loads correctly using Mozilla and other Gecko-based browsers, and Opera. Results with Internet Explorer of all versions and platforms are usually satisfactory but not always reliable.
Unix browsers have not been tested as yet but I would expect Mozilla and Netscape to load correctly. The effects are normally either incorrect layout or the loss of graphics. The vast majority of the site loads in some usable way on all browsers.

The site was written and is maintained with BBEdit.