Email Discussion List

Its Purpose

The email list is intended to be an efficient method of reaching a large number of people with news, questions, or answers. It is our hope that this list will become the principal method of co-ordinating the fully international study of ancient medicine and that it will ensure that it is easy to keep up with news of conferences, new publications and so on. The link to join is near the bottom of the page but please cast your eye over the following considerations as they may affect your participation on the list.

Some procedural information

  • When you join, you will have to be 'approved'. If you use a recognisable university address, this may be automatic on my part. If you have a non-university address (eg a Hotmail account), I may check with you briefly by email before approving your membership to ensure that spammers do not gain access to the list.

  • Once subscribed, you will receive messages sent to the list by all members. This is designed to facilitate announcements and group discussions. To avoid possible complications, please take a moment to review the following guidelines which are designed to have the list work smoothly.

  • Please avoid sending attachments of any kind to the list. (More info). If you wish to distribute a flyer or formatted document, please either post a URL or send it to me for posting to the announcement list (or wherever is appropriate.)

  • Plain text messages generally travel better than formatted (HTML) messages. (More info: external site)

  • If you are replying to a message, please endeavour to quote efficiently rather than simply hitting reply, by selecting a pertinent part of the message to which you are replying.

  • Please remember that your replies will go to the whole list, not just the person who posted it! This has led to embarrassment on email lists where personal chats (or even complaints) have been accidentally rehearsed in public.

  • Currently the list is unmoderated (no-one checks content of individual messages before they are posted), though that can change if problems develop.

Subscribing to the list

Click here to go the subscribe page.
If you have any problems or don't understand what is required, please email me.