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Lab Coordinators:

Dr Selim Bozkurt
Dr Benyamin Rahmani

Research Students:
Miss Georgia Preston-Maher

Miss Rashmi Raju

Mr Jake Salmon

Mr Wenbo Zhou

Roberts Building

UCL Mechanical Engineering

University College London Torrington Place

London WC1E 7JE

Tel: +44 (0)20 7679 3922

TRISKELE Aortic Valve : We have recently designed and manufactured a novel transcatheter aortic valve device, the TRISKELE system, which overcomes the main limitations experienced with the current solutions.  This valve substitute is fully retrievable/repositionable, and ensures enhanced anchoring and sealing.

We are developing a novel prosthetic device suitable for percutaneous mitral replacement. This would allow delivering the valve substitute into the anatomical position through a catheter inserted from a peripheral vessel, providing a more sustainable treatment.

We are developing valves from GTKO sources, which would be more durable and could be used in younger patients currently treated with mechanical valves. This would reduce the need for lifetime anticoagulation and the related risks.

This project, run in collaboration with TWI, aims at maximising the durability of new generation cardiovascular implants by enhancing the properties of the joints and the surface functionalities of super-elastic metal frames, biological tissues and biocompatible polymers.

Particle image velocimetry (PIV) is an experimental optical method for the visualisation and measurement of the flow parameters.  We use PIV to study and improve the understanding of heart valves hemodynamics in normal and altered conditions. 

We are building physical experimental models that reflect how a pathological mitral valve malfunctions under different physiological conditions, in order to better understand the contributory role of each component of the mitral apparatus.

Polymeric Heart Valve : We have developed a new generation of synthetic leaflets heart valves made of advanced POSS–PCU nanocomposite polymer, with improved hemodynamic function. In vitro results suggest that the proposed design, together with the novel material, may lead to the adoption of polymeric heart valves in clinical applications.

In collaboration with the University of Padua, Italy, we are developing a novel device suitable for the post-implant sealing of transcatheter valves. The device will contribute to improve medium and long-term efficacy of transcatheter valve implantation.

We are studying the application of smart structures such as auxetic frames to medical devices such as annuloplasty rings, angioplasty stents and, in collaboration with Yale University, novel solutions for the treatment of aortic stiffening.

Muscle Augmentation Using Magnetic Augmentation :

The aim of this project is to develop a new device that can be used to restore continence via regeneration and conditioning of sphincter muscle.

The device will provide a growth promoting stimulus for sphincter muscle regeneration.

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