Your Universe


Comments from Your Universe visitors

Some of our visitors' comments from previous Your Universe festivals can be read below

"It was a great day, it inspired some children and allowed them to share their knowledge with experts. The staff were brilliant and enthusiastic with the children and you could feel their passion. I loved the variety of talks from getting the children to do as well as listen."

Primary (Year 5) Teacher

"The children (and teachers!) learnt a lot and enjoyed the different practical activities. Thank you for hosting such a fantastic event!"

Primary (Years 5 and 6) Teacher

"The children enjoyed learning about the exoplanets, controlling a telescope in Arizona via the internet and using prisms to reflect light of different gases.cLots of them asked thoughtful and insightful questions and lots of them... Definitely a few budding scientists in the making!"

Primary (Years 5 and 6) Teacher