You Shape UCL


The Student Experience Panel

We encourage you to collaborate with us as a partner and take an active role in the UCL community. Your creativity and expertise is crucial and we can work together to shape the UCL experience.

What does the Student Experience Panel do?

Joining the Student Experience Panel means that we will send you details of opportunities that arise to collaborate with us or share your ideas and feedback. These opportunities are usually one-off feedback sessions which often include a free lunch or voucher. 

This could include:

  • Participating in a focus group
  • Attending a town hall-style meeting to discuss a new idea or strategy
  • Joining a project group with staff
  • Volunteering for user-testing groups for a website
  • Participating in phone interviews

How do I get involved?

You don't need any specific experience or skills. We just want to hear your feedback and ideas. Sign up below and we'll keep you posted and invite you along to feedback sessions when they crop up:

Sign up to the Student Experience Panel