Access and Widening Participation



At AnthroSchools UCL, we are keen to share the university subject of anthropology with teachers and pupils in your school.

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Do you want to stretch and inspire your students? Do you want to open up a different way of understanding the world by fostering diverse, empathetic, and curious thinking? If so, Anthropology might be for you and your pupils. 

As part of our widening participation initiative, we offer a range of free and open-access extracurricular teaching resources and in-school activities which connect anthropology to national curriculum school subjects. Our website showcases all we have to offer here: AnthroSchools.  

Anthropology offers young people the chance to explore different aspects of human diversity; from our evolution as a species to our relationship with material/digital forms, and our vast variety of cultural practices across the world. It is therefore appealing to students with a broad range of subject interests that cut across Science, the Social Sciences, and Arts and Humanities. 

AnthroSchools offers in-person or online taster lectures, as well as in-classroom interactive workshops for students in years 7 to 13 that address different subject themes. Our workshops revolve around the Anthropo-box — a briefcase with various artifacts and cultural objects from the department’s ethnographic collection — and this can also be used as part of a taster lecture for smaller groups. The Anthropo-box is great for sparking curiosity about the social world and engaging problem-solving and research skills.  

We also offer innovative teaching resources which connect anthropology to UK curriculum subjects such as Geography, Psychology, Biology, and History at Key Stage 5. These can be used as homework or in-class activities and are designed to stretch your students and foster lateral and critical thinking.

If you would like to schedule a school visit, an online taster lecture, or discuss any other aspect of AnthroSchools, please get in touch: anthroschools@ucl.ac.uk.