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Resources for young people in Years 12 and 13

This is a directory of free, online, subject-specific learning resources for young people in Years 12 and 13, from a wide variety of academic departments at UCL.

They can support your school studies and preparation for exams, as well as beginning to introduce you to new topics and university-level study. 

How to use this page:

  • To make it easy to find relevant resources, everything is grouped by A-Level subject.
  • Some resources can apply to lots of different topics so maybe appear multiple times in different sections.
  • Scroll down to the subject you are interested in for a list of resources, with short descriptions and a link to where you can find them online.
  • Some resources also have an accompanying PDF worksheet you can download.

Keep in mind that some resources might introduce you to new topics, challenging ideas, and academic debate and discussion. Engaging with this type of material can help you develop important critical analysis skills. Where resources reference any particularly sensitive themes, this information is provided alongside the link to the external content.

General Support

UCL Study Prep

This course is free and open to all students in Years 12 and 13 regardless of where you go to school/college or which universities you have applied to study at. It is recommended that you take 4-5 hours to complete UCL Study Prep but this does not have to be done all at once. 







History of Art/Fine Art

@UCLHoA @SladeSchool





Philosophy and Theology