Access and Widening Participation


UCL Study Prep

UCL Study Prep is a free online course for students in Year 13 who are preparing to study at university.

UCL's Access and Widening Participation Office has launched UCL Study Prep to help students in Year 13 prepare for university at this uncertain time.

This course is free and open to all students in Year 13 regardless of where you go to school/college or which universities you have applied to study at. It is recommended that you take 4-5 hours to complete UCL Study Prep but this does not have to be done all at once. 

The course may also provide helpful information for students in Year 12 who are currently thinking about making an application to study at university. 

How to complete UCL Study Prep

  • Create an account for UCLeXtend
  • You'll need to verify your email address, so check your inbox (and spam/junk folders) and follow the link we send you to log in. 
  • Go to https://extend.ucl.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=1352 to enter the UCL Study Prep course. You can paste this link directly into your web browser. 
  • You'll need to enter the following enrolment key: uclstudyprep (all lower case, no spaces).
  • Once enrolled you can come and go as you please, just log in to extend.ucl.ac.uk and the UCL Study Prep module will be there. 

A more detailed explanation of how to access UCL Study Prep is available in the joining instructions: