Access and Widening Participation


Campus Visits for Year 12

As part of our commitment to work with schools in order to widen access to UCL, we have put together a holistic offering for schools hoping to visit our campus. 

Year 12 Campus Visits

We will work with you to organise a visit to the UCL campus for a day of Higher Education-related activity for your school group. To ensure our campus visits address the needs of your students, we have developed three types of visits. We ask schools to choose the campus visit type that would most benefit the specific needs of their students. You can see further information on each visit strand below.


The Aspiration Campus Visit will support your students' aspirations towards university, raise their awareness of university options, and allow them to meet current UCL students. 

This visit type aims to increase students' confidence in making informed decisions about accessing higher education, to increase knowledge about finding support and overcoming barriers associated with higher education, and to encourage students to feel that they will 'fit in' at university.

A typical Aspiration Campus Visit will cover 

  • Arrival at UCL Main Campus/Introduction (30 minutes) 
  • 'Introduction to Higher Education' session (45 minutes)
  • Campus Tour with Student Ambassadors (30 minutes)
  • 'Student Journeys' & 'Overcoming barriers to HE' sessions 

The Application Campus Visit has been developed for students at the end of Year 12 or the start of Year 13. The visit will focus on application advice and guidance and will prepare students to complete their university applications.

This visit type aims to increase students' understanding of what is expected of them in a university application. The visit also aims to increase students' confidence in making informed decisions about choosing their preferred course and university options and writing their Personal Statements.

A typical Application Campus Visit will cover:

  • Arrival at UCL Main Campus/Introduction (30 minutes)
  • 'Your Personal Statement' and 'Super-Curricular Engagement' sessions (80 minutes)
  • 'Student Application Journeys' session (30 minutes)
  • Campus Tour (30 minutes)
  • 'Question & Answer' session with Student Ambassadors (30 minutes)
Academic Awareness

The Academic Awareness Campus Visit is an exploratory day where students will participate in academic taster sessions and develop the study skills required for higher education. 

This visit type aims to encourage students to consider how they learn best, to increase their understanding of what critical thinking means and its relevance to higher education, and to increase familiarity with learning at university.

A typical Application Campus Visit will cover:

  • Arrival at UCL Main Campus/Introduction (30 minutes)
  • 'Learning to Learn' session (60 minutes)
  • Taster Session 1 (60 minutes)
  • Taster Session 2 (60 minutes)

When selecting your Campus Visit type, please keep in mind the needs of your cohort of students. 

How to book 

To arrange a campus visit to UCL you must complete our booking form. Please note a minimum period of 4 weeks' notice is required for all campus visits.


Selection for campus visits is dependent on the team's availability, and the priority level of your school. The Access and Widening Participation Office determines the priority level of all state-funded secondary schools in England. This data is obtained from the Higher Education Access Tracker (www.heat.ac.uk) service, and the data consists of combined Department for Education datasets. This allows us to prioritise schools based on their relevant disadvantage and attainment indicators. These indicators include Free School Meals, Index of Multiple Deprivation, and POLAR 4.

We must prioritise schools in categories Very High, and High which is determined by our Data & Impact team.

Upon completion of the booking form, we will assess your request and priority level, and aim to get back to you within 7 working days. If you are not eligible for one of our visits, we will signpost you to other departments and resources within UCL.

Data Collection

As a condition of campus visits, we must collect some data about the participating students. University College London’s Access & Widening Participation Office collects personal information about students to run programmes and understand how well they work. 

Teachers and students have the right to access the data held about them and to have it corrected if required. You can get further information about how the Access Team uses data on our website. If you would like to contact us with any questions or concerns about the data we hold or if you would like any further information please email us at wp-data@ucl.ac.uk.