Projet Volterra


Volterra II Colloquium III

Projet Volterra II: Law and the End of Empire

Colloquium 3: "The Imprint of Roman law in Lombard and Carolingian Italy"
plus a Public Workshop on The Codex Gregorianus fragments

Friday-Saturday 9-10 July 2010
Rooms 1.01-1.02, 23 Gordon Square
History Department
University College London

*Open to all - free of charge*


Friday 9 July

Session 1
11.00: Welcome and opening remarks (Benet Salway)
11.30: Dr Peter Sarris (Trinity College, Cambridge): "A conflict of laws in seventh-century Italy? Grimoald, Justinian, and the afterlife of the colonate"

12.45-14.00: buffet lunch

Session 2
14.00: Dr Simon Corcoran (UCL): "The Byzantines in the South: code and charter in imperial southern Italy"
15.15: Prof. Michael Crawford (UCL/Institute of Classical Studies, London): "Monte Cassino and Roman law: the evidence of Paul the Deacon"

15.40: tea break

Session 3
16.00: Prof. Luca Loschiavo (Teramo): "L'Editto di Rotari. Fra consuetudini ancestrali germaniche e tradizioni romanistiche: vecchi problemi e nuove discussioni"
17.15: Dr Benet Salway (UCL): "The Projet Volterra Chartae Latinae Antiquiores database"

18.00: drinks reception

Saturday 10 July

Session 4
10.00: coffee
10.30: Dr Antonia Fiori (Rome/Cagliari), "The survival of Roman law in Italian canonical collections of the Carolingian period"
11.30: Dr Conrad Leyser (Worcester College, Oxford), "Curiouser and curiouser: the Collectio Avellana"

12.45-14.00: buffet lunch

Session 5
14.00: Prof. Detlef Liebs (Freiburg), "The Greek Scholia of the Justinian Code manuscript in Verona compared with the Latin glosses of the one in Pistoia"

15.15: tea break

Session 6
15:30: Drs Simon Corcoran & Benet Salway (UCL), "Fragmenta Londinensia AnteiustinianaCodex Gregorianus redivivus?"
16:45: Responses from David Ganz (KCL) and Bernard Stolte (Royal Netherlands Institute, Rome), followed by round-table discussion of the FLA

18:00 drinks reception