Projet Volterra



December 2014

Simon Corcoran and Charles Bartlett (Harvard) give a pair of papers in the Senate House, University of London, on the joint theme "Roman legal material in an early medieval Latin library", dealing respectively with Hincmar of Rheims and the Lex Romana Canonice Compta, as part of the London Ancient History seminar series organized by Benet Salway and Eleanor Robson (UCL History) on the topic "Libraries and archives from antiquity to the early middle ages".

November 2014

Simon Corcoran gives a seminar entitled "The Codex Gregorianus: the life of legal compilation from Diocletian to Justinian" in the series Zürcher Ausspracheabende für Rechtsgeschichte at the University of Zürich.

October 2014

Simon Corcoran gives a presentation on Sirmondian 19 at the fourth Edinburgh workshop "Ancient Law in Context".

September 2014

Simon Corcoran participates in the second session of the CEDANT XII Roman law workshop on Diocletian at the University of Pavia.

Benet Salway speaks at SIHDA 68 in Naples about the promulgation of the Theodosian Code.

July 2014

Benet Salway participates in a round table organized by the Cambridge Comparative History of Ancient Law at Yale Law School.

June 2014

Simon Corcoran and Benet Salway represent the Volterra project at the Scheltema Symposium on Byzantine law at the University of Groningen.

April 2014

Simon Corcoran gives a communication, "Et manu divina: the emperor at work on his documents", at the 47th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, held at the University of Cardiff.

March 2014

Simon Corcoran (with "Sirmondian 19 and the security of freedman status in the 5th-century legal sources") and Benet Salway (with "Divorce in the Novels of Theodosius II and Valentinian III") participate in the workshop, "Les novelles post-Théodosiennes" of the Séminaire d'Histoire romaine et d'Antiquité tardive, Université Lille 3.

January 2014

Simon Corcoran participates with a workshop presentation entitled "Le fonti del diritto: rescritti e norme generali", as part of the CEDANT "Collegio di diritto romano" themed programme on "Diocleziano: la frontiera giuridica dell'Impero", held at the Collegio Borromeo, Pavia.