Projet Volterra



December 2008

Simon Corcoran gives a paper on the two ancient editions of the Justinian Code in a seminar series at Université Lille 3 (later published June 2011).

October 2008

The database created by Projet Volterra I was one of three such sets of ancient data used as part of the sixth-month LaQuAT (Linking and Querying Ancient Texts) project, a collaboration between the Centre for e-Research, King's College, London and the EPCC, University of Edinburgh, which ran from October 2008 to March 2009. It aimed to see how OGSA-DAI could provided uniform access to distributed heterogeneous databases of ancient texts and allows queries to be run over these, as if they were a single database. A demonstration of the results is available.

September 2008

Projet Volterra II Colloquium 2 was held at University College London on Monday 15 September and Tuesday 16 September 2008, in the History Department. The themes were 'Authorities and Subjects' and 'Manuals and Jurisprudence'. Speakers were Professors Santiago Castellanos, Michael Crawford, Gero Dolezalek, Wolfgang Kaiser, Dario Mantovani, and Drs Simon Corcoran, Magnus Ryan and Benet Salway.

May 2008

Call for papers for the Projet Volterra II Colloquium 2 to be held at University College London on the 15-16 September 2008.

April 2008

Identification of a new Bulgarian copy of Licinius's letter on military privileges.