Projet Volterra



November 2007

Three papers from Projet Volterra I Colloquium 3 held at the Senate House, University of London, in March 2004, together with a general introduction to the Projet Volterra, were published in the Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies 49 (2006) pp. 214-254.


September 2007

Projet Volterra II Colloquium 1 was held at University College London on 10 September 2007, in the History Department. The theme was 'The normative texts of Roman Law in the early Middle Ages'. The speakers were Professors Bernard Stolte and Michael Crawford, and Drs Lorena Atzeri and Simon Corcoran.

July 2007

Publication of the identification by Simon Corcoran of a papyrus fragment as part of Justinian, Novel 62.