Projet Volterra




June 2016

Simon Corcoran and Benet Salway take part in the Journée d’études entitled “Res publica et statio principis, réflexions sur l’État romain, de l’Haut-Empire à l’Antiquité tardive” held at the Maison européenne des Sciences de l’Homme et de la Société in Lille as part of a collaboration between the Universities of Lille and Ghent and UCL. 

A brief account of a newly identified fragment from an eleventh-century Justinian Code is made available on the Volterra web-site, written by Simon Corcoran upon the basis of study of images provided by the current owner.

May 2016

Book launch at the Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, London for the volume Ravenna: Its Role in Earlier Medieval Change and Exchange (IHR: London), edited by Judith Herrin and Jinty Nelson and based on a colloquium held in 2013. This includes a paper by Simon Corcoran entitled “Roman law in Ravenna”.

January 2016

Simon Corcoran’s paper “The Augusti and Caesars say: imperial communication in a collegiate monarchy” is published in the volume Official Epistolography and the Language(s) of Power (Papyrologica Vindobonensia 8; Verlag der österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften; Vienna), being the proceedings of the first “Imperium and Officium” conference held in Vienna in November 2010.