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Dr Beatrice de Carli

Bartlett Visiting Research Fellow

Dr Beatrice de Carli was a Bartlett Visiting Research Fellow in the UCL Urban Laboratory from January - April 2014, working on a project entitled ‘Insurgent regeneration. A critical review of notions and practices.’

Beatrice completed her architectural studies at Politecnico di Milano, Italy, including a PhD in Architecture & Urbanism developed in collaboration with the University of Leuven, Belgium (2011). She has previously held positions as Research and Teaching Assistant at Politecnico di Milano, and has worked in practice in Milan for several years. Since 2011, she has been teaching Urban Design and Urbanism at Politecnico di Milano and KU Leuven. She joined the Urban Lab in January 2014 under the Bartlett Visiting Research Fellows scheme, as part of the Cross-Disciplinary Research Programme and was supervised by Dr Ben Campkin (UCL Urban Laboratory) and Dr Adriana Allen (Bartlett Development Planning Unit).

The project Beatrice worked on during her time at the UCL Urban Laboratory investigated the notion of ‘insurgent regeneration’ as a means to explore the capacity of occupant practices to inform and steer state-led discourses on ‘sustainable urban regeneration’ in inner city areas of the global South. In doing so, she aimed to address two distinct challenges: the cyclical decay and deterioration of cities and their sustainable resurgence and adaptation, and the housing crisis in the global South – particularly in its manifestation through the informal occupation of vacant and deteriorating buildings and site.

Broadly, Beatrice's research focuses on issues of territorial regeneration, housing and participation in architecture and urban design, specifically in contexts of conflictive spatial change and/ or scarce resources. She is interested in developing creative research and teaching methodologies and alternative modes of spatial practice, including an on-going interest in activist practices in urban contexts. She is a member of Architecture Sans Frontieres-UK and is vice chair of ASF International.

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