*new resources* AB to discuss the 'IHRA working definition of antisemitism' - Wed 10 Feb @ 2pm

5 February 2021

Next Wednesday 10 February (2pm), UCL Academic Board meets to reconvene its discussion on the 'IHRA working definition of antisemitism' (IHRA WD) that Council adopted in November 2019 without a debate at Academic Board.

In advance of that meeting, we draw members' attention to our new detailed study of the likely consequences of using this definition in UCL policy, guided by our longstanding practical experience in defending members in disciplinary and grievance procedures at UCL. Even in an attenuated form, the IHRA WD has the potential to attract unwarranted allegations, prolong investigations and damage the careers of innocent staff - even if allegations are ultimately not supported.

Colleagues should note it is lawful for employers to find against staff without proof of guilt, even going so far as to dismiss them. Given experiences elsewhere, the retention of the IHRA WD in any form will very likely attract unfounded allegations, potentially including public campaigns against staff, and silence academic discourse by intimidation.

Please also see the 16 questions on UCL and the IHRA definition which we previously circulated.