Michael Arthur's response

On 6th December the following response was sent from the UCL President and Provost

Dear colleagues

Many thanks for bringing your concerns about the status of Teaching Fellows within SSEES to my attention.

On summer pay and fractional contracts, if any colleagues are working in the summer months without pay then this will need to be rectified. Such arrangements are not UCL policy. I have asked senior colleagues within SSEES to review this as a matter of urgency and to identify how this can be remedied should this have been found to have occurred in any form.

On the wider issues of transparency, parity and equity of teaching fellow contracts: at the beginning of this term HR established a UCL-wide working group to review how teaching fellows are employed across the institution and identify where there are policy gaps. I understand SSEES has nominated a current TF to join this group and contribute to its very important work. I have asked those leading the review to ensure that your concerns are addressed within its formal scope, not just for SSEES staff, but for the whole institution. I would anticipate that we should be able to report on the recommendations of that review by the spring of next year. 

I know that senior colleagues in SSEES are acutely aware of the issues and concerns surrounding teaching fellows, are supportive for future reforms across UCL and are committed to addressing the issues raised.

Further to your local engagement with Professor Diane P. Koenker (Director) and Chris Harrop (Assistant Director) in SSEES, Professor Anthony Smith, who has oversight of SSEES, and Dr Matthew Blain, Executive Director of HR, would also be happy to meet with you to discuss these issues further.

Yours sincerely

Professor Michael Arthur

President and Provost