Teaching Fellows

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There is no consistency in teaching fellow contracts across UCL and many employed in these contracts experience extremely poor working conditions and contractual arrangements compared to their academic colleagues. 

Examples include:

  • lack of job security with contracts issued on a fixed-term annual basis despite a clear business need for an ongoing position;  
  • payment made for 9 months only with the expectation that marking, supervision, course development, research and other duties will be undertaken unpaid during the summer;
  • unmanageable and unrealistic workloads;
  • no scope to change track with little or no paid research time permitted despite a research-based teaching agenda purportedly being followed.

UCL UCU continues to represent many members facing problems with these contracts and continues to campaign for improved conditions. 

If you are a teaching fellow at UCL and a UCU member, please join our teaching fellow mailing list to share experiences across the university and help us collect data and evidence on the widespread bad practices currently being permitted in order to challenge it collectively.

SSEES Teaching Fellows and other signatories have sent an open letter to Michael Arthur highlighting the long-term demoralising and unequal casualisation practices taking place there.

Read the open letter and add your name to it here

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