Message to all UCL Teaching Fellows - from Teaching Fellows in SSEES

Please join us at a UCL-wide Teaching Fellows meeting on Wednesday 15th January, 4-6pm, in Drayton House B20 Jevons LT

Dear colleagues,

In light of the UCL-wide discussion on the working conditions of teaching staff, we, SSEES Teaching Fellows, would like to inform you of our position and clarify some points.

As you will be aware, during the UCU strike we published an open letter to UCL President and Provost Michael Arthur where we outlined our demands on contractual transparency and full-time pay for full-time work. An update on the events including the correspondence with the Provost can now be seen on our Tweeter account @TfsUcl.

Around the time when the open letter was published, we were informed by SSEES Director, the Provost and HR of the creation of a Task Force, convened by the Dean of Social and Historical Sciences Professor Sasha Roseneil, with representatives across all faculties. The first meeting is planned for 13th January. The aims communicated to us are:

  1. to define the use of career Teaching Fellows on open-ended contracts, fixed-term Teaching Fellows and sessional Teaching Fellows;
  2. to develop guidance and support for Departments/Faculties and individuals to create a stronger culture of career development for Teaching Fellows through senior (Grades 8-10) promotions.

We would like to stress that the Task Force is not related exclusively to the situation at SSEES - this is not a response to our letter and its goals are not specifically tailored to our demands. Nevertheless, we consider it an opportunity for Teaching Fellows across UCL to liaise with each other and discuss common problems they face. These often include precarious employment, opaque working conditions, excessive workload and the lack of professional progression. Please consider as points of contact our representative in the Task Force, Dr Chiara Amini, and our SSEES TF representatives at UCU, Maria Sibiryakova and Dr Snejana Tempest, should you have any questions or other enquiries. 

In addition, we would like to inform you of a planned UCL-wide Teaching Fellows meeting on Wednesday 15th January, 4-6pm, in Drayton House B20 Jevons LT. The last two months have shown that teaching staff are willing to discuss their situation both within and across departments but there have been no contact points. The meeting aims to address this need, provide answers to common questions and serve as a communication hub for Teaching Fellows.

Kind regards, 

SSEES Teaching Fellows