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Part-Time Study

Students can study on a part-time (2 years) or modular-flexible basis (usually 3 years)


Part-time and modular-flexible students attend the same classes as full-time students. Teaching takes place across two 11 week terms with a 1 week break in the middle (Reading Week). The two 30 credit core modules are taught over two days per week in the autumn term. Optional modules are taught on 1 or two days per week in the spring term. Students are encouraged to take part in as many as possible of the opening of session week activities taking place prior to the start of teaching in the autumn term.

 Term Dates can be found in the Student Life section of UCL's website.

For further information or to discuss your case please contact the Senior Teaching & Learning Administrator in the first instance.

Tuition fees for part-time students

2 year part-time students pay half the full-time fee in each year of study. The fee in year 2 is subject to an inflationary increment.

Tuition fees for modular-flexible students

Modular-flexible students pay fees each year on a pro-rata basis. This is worked out based on the number of credits taken in an academic year. The overall fee for the MSc is subject to an inflationary increment each year so you will pay slightly more per credit each year. The MSc is worth 180 credits in total. There are two core modules worth 30 credits each. Optional modules are worth 15 credits each. The dissertation is worth 60 credits.

Each year the fee payable = (Full fee/180) x number of credits taken that year.

For further information please see Tuition Fees.

Modular-flexible fees are calculated based on your module selections made in October. If you are a sponsored student your sponsor is expected to pay within 28 days of invoice. If you are paying your own fees you can arrange to pay in two instalments - one due within 28 days of the fee notice and the other in February.