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Interactions in the Wild

Central to much of the research we carry out at UCLIC is an in the wild stance. By this we mean carrying out in-situ user studies, sampling experiences and probing people in their homes, shopping malls, schools, outdoors and on the streets. The emphasis is on understanding everyday living and how technologies can extend or disrupt this. it might be to trigger conversations in public, raise community awareness about health and well being, or persuading people to reduce their energy consumption. The approach includes using ethnographic studies, action research, design research and participatory design. Novel technologies are often developed to augment people, places and settings, without necessarily designing them for specific user needs. The include ambient displays, physical devices, wearables and, increasingly, Internet of Things systems. Opportunities are created, technology interventions are installed and different ways of behaving are encouraged. A key concern is how people react, change and integrate these in their everyday lives.

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