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Talking to Titans Podcast Transcript - Trailer

Hello, I'm Gudrun Moore

And I'm Cathy Giangrande. In celebration of this year's International Women's Day, we're bringing you a brand-new podcast series called talking to Titans. Who are the Titans? There are seven leading women academics from UCL who are challenging your idea of what a Titan is.

I still feel that someone can find me out now.

I had a few people tell me you'll never get a lectureship as a black person,

They’re at the top of their field, and together have rich seems of wisdom and experience, which we can all learn from.

There should be no shame at all in seeking professional help.

I really, really believe you can't be what you can't see. It's why I think I've got so many heroines

We’ll be discussing topics including mental health, sexual harassment, grief and motherhood.

A lot of my friends can rattle off example when their children took their first steps. I can’t Remember.

And how they balanced these challenges and at the same time, their careers.

The challenge that many women have is the question of agency is knowing, feeling like we have some agency to act in the world and to make change.

Our first episode will be released on Monday, the second of March with six others to follow on consecutive days. You can download them wherever you listen to your podcasts.