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Shirin Sheikh-Bahai

I am a passionate physicist, a researcher and a leader in primary science education.

Shirin Sheikh-Bahai
After completing my degree in the Physical Science, I created an educational collection of lesson plans and resources for schools, ‘Astronomy Club: A Guide Book for teachers’ which became a successful project across many schools. This lead me to the next step of my career as a science leader; I completed an amazing educational training with ISSET in NASA, the Kennedy Space Centre, USA. So, combining knowledge and skills, Astronomy Club was published by the Cambridge Education in 2008 and it became the foundation of many other ideas, ‘All Is One’ and ‘The Question Line: Cognitive development’ are the two main outcomes of this development. After completion my Master in ‘The Open Investigatory Practical Science’, I started my research study in a wider area in the UCL Institute of Education. This research is focusing on the impact of a pedagogical approach on the cognitive processes; a study about the ‘thinking’, through building up knowledge and using structural questioning.

Leading on the teaching and learning science for the past few years has offered me a window to search for the invisible processes in the human mind.  I am not able to answer the question of ‘What is thinking?’ yet, but I have found places in pupils’ minds where the knowledge and imagination become ONE.