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This is a selection of recent events, presentations, lectures and teacher workshops where Think Universe! has been promoted and made significant contributions.

International  Earth's day and global March for Science, Westminster (April 22nd, 2017)

 International  Earth's day and global March for Science, Westminster (April 22nd, 2017)
Think Universe! was present with a speech by Francisco to an audience over 12,000 under the following statement:

'Science shows that humanity had a single origin in central Africa not that long ago, that genetically, we all are almost identical.

 Science shows that our environment is a cosmic miracle, possibly unique.

 Science discoveries unify humanity and empower us to manage and preserve our fragile environmental paradise.

 I am marching because we must work hard to make science a main topic at all levels of education and a major component of modern global culture, for a brighter future, for a better world for all.'

BETT 2016, ExCel, London

BETT 2016, ExCel, London

The Education Show 2016

The Education Show 2016

This event is ideal for promoting educational materials and resources. We were invited to contribute. The format is open space ad very informal, but the interaction with the audience is very rich. Here is the link to the webpage

Tonbridge School Science Conference (16th October, 2015)

This was a keynote lecture to 200 secondary pupils from several schools in the Tonbridge area. There was a lively discussion about building blocks and timeline of the Universe.

Some of these schools may join Think Universe! in a version for year 7.

Tonbridge school review:

'Dr Francisco Diego, of University College London, gave a talk on the universe, its beginnings, and the fundamental nature of matter.  The talk managed to convey to the delegates the immense scale and complexity of space, whilst at the same time acknowledging how all material is based upon a small number of different subatomic ‘building blocks’.