World TB Day 2019

Our 2019 event took place on Friday, 22nd March at the Francis Crick Institute and was a joint collaboration between UCL, our hosts at the Crick, and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

This year, we were very excited to partner with institutions in the USA and Vietnam to make the symposium a truly global event.  Events began in London, and towards the end of our day, as the American West Coast woke up, we had an extended handover to San Francisco.  The UCSF event ended at 5pm their time and a symposium in Hanoi completed the marathon symposium.

Full details of the speaker programme are below.  Recordings of the talks are accessible via the following links:

8.45-9.15amRegistration and coffee
9.15-9.25amWelcome address    
Prof Baron Peter Piot (LSHTM) 

Lancet Commission on TB
Dr Eric Goosby (UCSF and UN Special Envoy on Tuberculosis)
Video address
Dr Nimalan Arinaminpathy (Imperial College)
From global to national priorities: mathematical modelling in support of the Lancet Commission on TB

9.50-10.30amSession 1: Antimicrobial resistance
Prof Taane Clark (LSHTM)
What can whole genome sequencing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis tell us?
Dr Claudio Köser (University of Cambridge)
Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it’. Defining susceptibility and resistance to anti-TB drugs.
10.30-11.00amCoffee and networking break 
11.00am-12:00pm Session 2: TB pathophysiology & diagnostic biomarkers
Dr Myrsini Kaforou (Imperial College)
Host RNA biomarkers for TB: challenges and future directions
Dr Rishi Gupta (UCL)
Predicting incident tuberculosis: Can the transcriptome supplant the T-cell response?
Dr Susanne Herbst (Francis Crick Institute)
The role of the Parkinson's Disease kinase LRRK2 in innate immune responses to M. tuberculosis
12.00-1.15pmLunch break 

Session 3: Vaccines and clinical trials
Prof Robert Wilkinson (Imperial College and Francis Crick Institute)
Vaccination against tuberculosis
Dr Molebogeng X. Rangaka (UCL)
TB preventive therapy: gaps and opportunities in the programmatic management of latent TB infection

Session 4: Determinants of mortality
Dr Pete Dodd (Sheffield)
Estimating the burden of TB deaths in low-resource settings lacking vital registration
Dr Peter MacPherson (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine)
Spatial epidemiology of TB notifications and mortality in Blantyre, Malawi
Dr Delia Boccia (LSHTM)
Addressing Tuberculosis mortality: the role of cash transfers interventions
Ms Debora Pedrazzoli (LSHTM)
Trends and risk factors for death excess all-cause mortality among notified tuberculosis cases in the UK: an analysis of surveillance data (presentation given by Dr Lucy Thomas, PHE, in Ms Pedrazzoli's absence)

3.00-3.30pmCoffee and networking break 
3.30-3.45pm Welcome to UCSF and summary of the Hanoi symposium
Dr Bob Wachter (UCSF)
Dr Payam Nahid (UCSF)
Dr Nguyen Viet Nhung (Vietnam National Lung Hospital and NTP)
3.45-4.00pm Address: TB and the antimicrobial resistance agenda
Prof Dame Sally Davies (UK Department of Health & Social Care)
TB and the Antimicrobial Resistance Agenda
4.00-4.30pmKeynote address
Dr Richard Pan (California State Senator)
4.30-5.25pm Debate: Make TB prevention great again!  This house believes treatment of LTBI should not be a high priority for low resource settings
Prof Liz Corbett (LSHTM)
In favour
Prof Adithya Cattamanchi (UCSF)
5.25-7.00pmFinal thanks and handover to UCSF, followed by drinks reception