UCL-TB Partners

Map of TB in London 2018

North Central London TB Network

North Central London TB service is for all adults and children with suspected or known tuberculosis (TB). Our specialist medical and nursing teams use the latest methods to test and treat people with suspected or known TB. The aim of our service is to reduce the prevalence of new TB cases, improve outcomes and provide a better patient experience for people with TB in North Central London. Treatment is provided regardless of where you live and immigration status.

The African Health Research Institute


UCL is delighted to partner with the African Health Research Institute (AHRI) in its mission, which includes the elimination of HIV and TB, and of helping to train the next generation of African population-based research scientists.


UK Academics & Professionals to End TB

UCL-TB helped found this grouping, which is unique within the UK in representing both academics and professional bodies involved in policy development and advocacy.  It was formed to maximise the impact of the first ever UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting on TB in December 2018. This year UKAPTB continue to push politicians and policy-makers to devote more resources to TB research and improve policies on TB ahead of the second UNHLM due to be held in September 2023.

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Public Health England

Public Health England (PHE) exists to protect and improve the nation's health and wellbeing, and reduce health inequalities. It does this through advocacy, partnerships, world-class science, knowledge and intelligence, and the delivery of specialist public health services through the work of some 5,000 scientists, researcher and public health professionals. Several key staff at PHE also have roles at UCL and many of the members of UCL-TB also carry out work at PHE, with a continual process of knowledge exchange taking place. A key example of this was the adoption of the collaborative process that led to the implementation of the Collaborative TB Strategy for England 2015-2020, written by UCL-TB's Ibrahim Abubakar in collaboration with Sarah Anderson, Hiran Hirani, Ishani Kar-Purkayastha, Lucy Thomas, Leonora Weil and Dominik Zenner.

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UCL Partners

UCL Partners' purpose is to translate cutting-edge research and innovation into measurable health and wealth gains for patients and populations - in London, across the UK and globally. This is achieved with a network of hospitals and clinical centres who have formed a partnership with UCL that forms a network of support and knowledge exchange and programmes that are determined by the needs of the population and UCLPartners' members. UCL-TB, in conjunction with UCLPartners, is implementing a network of Local TB Leads who will help join up the treatment of tuberculosis across London and the South East of England. UCL-TB aims to provide access to research partners and academic and research support, while harnessing the research opportunities a network of TB treatment centres will create.

The Francis Crick Institute

The Francis Crick Institute

UCL is a founding partner of The Francis Crick Institute.  UCL staff are selected to work within the Crick through attachments of different types.