World TB Day 2016

"excellent presentations with a diverse range of topics"

"It was very informative, well planned and pitched at the right level. The variety in speakers was great."

"Good variety of topics and speakers (including some more junior speakers, which is always nice!)"





The full event is available to view in the links below, you can also find the speakers' presentations to download.

Please visit the BioMed Central Journal Club TB collection as new items are being added regularly.


David Price: VP Research, UCL

Anne Mills: Deputy Director & Provost and Professor of Health Economics and Policy, LSHTM

Session 1

Transmission (watch video)

Ibrahim Abubakar: Chair

Douglas Young: Tuberculosis and the sputum microbiome

Derrick Crook: Whole genome sequencing in clinical practice

Nicky McCreesh: Comparison of indoor contact time data in Zambia and Western Cape, South Africa

Richard Turner: Objectively-measured coughing patterns in pulmonary tuberculosis


Transmission Q&A (followed by introduction to Results UK with Neil Gandhi & Magda Karlikowska

Session 2 

Diagnostics/Treatment (watch video)

Sabine Hermans: Isoniazid preventive therapy among gold miners: following on from Thibela

Charlotte Jackson: Working conditions and tuberculosis mortality in England and Wales, 1890-1912

Patrick Phillips: TB trials: new approaches and surrogate markers

Ankur Gupta-Wright: Urinary lipoarabinomannan (LAM) detection as a diagnostic test for TB

Diagnostics/Treatment Q&A

Session 3 

Drug resistance debate (watch video)

This house believes the 9-month Bangladesh regimen should be the new standard of care for MDR-TB treatment

Dave Moore: Chair

Philipp du Cros: proposing motion

Graham Bothamley: opposing motion 

Session 4

Immune correlates(watch video)

Jacqueline Shea: Chair


Adam Penn-Nicholson: Immune Correlates of Risk of TB Disease in M.tuberculosis infected adolescents

Helen Fletcher:Immune Correlates of Risk of TB Disease in BCG Vaccinated infants

Hazel Dockrell: The impact of co-morbidities on the immune response to M. tuberculosis

Immune correlates Q&A

Sabina AlamSumming-up & conclusion
Tim McHughClosing remarks