Now available: The Lancet and IJID Tuberculosis Journal Theme series for World TB Day

12 March 2019

Every year since 1994, UCL, UCLH-NIHR-BRC and Royal Free Hospital staff have commemorated World TB Day on 24th March. It’s a day when the world reflects on progress being made in achieving global TB control, the obstacles and what more can be done to facilitate global tuberculosis (TB) control activities.  The theme for World TB Day on 24 March 2019 will be ‘It’s TIME’ and it has been kept simple and flexible, so World TB Day events can cover any aspect of work related to TB.

For World TB Day 2019, as part of our Centre for Clinical Microbiology, UCL I&I annual TB educational/CPD/advocacy contributions, Professor Sir Ali Zumla has led and coordinated two journal TB thematic issues:

The International Journal of Infectious Diseases TB Series

(available to view online
This thematic issue contains 16 thought provoking viewpoints written by a distinguished global authorship covering a range of important epidemiological, clinical, management, prevention, research and funding issues, highlighting gaps and future challenges that need to be overcome to develop and achieve optimal interventions required for global TB control.

The Lancet Journals Series