UCL clinical trials staff meet up with colleagues in southern Africa

19 March 2018

panacea GA 18

The PanACEA General Assembly gathers in Cape Town.  Lavinia is in the front row, fourth from left.

Staff from UCL's Centre for Clinical Microbiology have recently returned from southern Africa, where they attended the General Assembly of the PanACEA consortium.

Prior to this, Laboratory co-ordinators Lavinia Rodney and Robert Hunt were in Mozambique with colleagues from Radboud University for assessments of clinics and laboratories as candidate sites for PanACEA TB clinical studies, including a new site that's currently under construction and will open within the next year.

Lavinia then moved on to Cape Town, South Africa, joining Prof Tim McHugh for the general assembly.  Representatives from all consortium members presented proposals for next steps to deliver the goals of the project.  Lavinia represented the Microbiology Core group, describing plans for capacity development for the laboratory aspects of the consortium. This includes a peer assessment scheme, which would train laboratory managers to assess partner sites and help to build a community of practice across the sites. This proposal was met with enthusiasm by the Assembly.

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