BBC News covers UCL/Birkbeck-led onion AMR study

22 January 2018

A new paper, published in Scientific Reports, is highlighting promising early results from a study into the efficacy of disulfides from the Persian shallot in fighting MDR-TB.

Academics from UCL and Birkbeck are leading the research, with UCL-TB members Dr Sanjib Bhakta, Prof Simon Gibbons, Prof Tim McHugh and Dr Dimitrios Evangelopoulos among the paper's authors.  They believe that their findings so far suggest that certain compounds found in this variety of shallot, which is commonly used in Iranian cooking, could work alongside existing antibiotics in MDR-TB treatment.  

The story was picked up by international media and was featured on the front page of the BBC News website on 20th January, shortly after its publication.

Read the paper on the Scientific Reports website

Read the story on the BBC News website