UCL-TB is inviting applicants for ERS RESPIRE fellowships

31 January 2017

UCL-TB has been appointed as an official host centre for the European Respiratory Society's RESPIRE post-doctoral fellowships.  These fellowships seek to encourage cross-country working and research, and are funded for 2-3 years.

If you are interested in applying, please email our Director, Marc Lipman.  Please note that the deadline for applications is 1st March 2017.

A brief summary of the programme aims is below, and further information, including eligibility criteria, can be found on the ERS website.

RESPIRE3 is an international, inter-sectoral and inter-disciplinary programme providing Marie Skłodowska-Curie post-doctoral research fellowships to early stage scientists with the potential to become the leaders of tomorrow in the respiratory field.

More in particular, the RESPIRE3 programme aims to:

  • Promote excellent science in respiratory research in Europe and worldwide through
  • transnational mobility;
  • Enable Europe to become a hub for the exchange of scientists, actively involved in respiratory medicine in both academia and non-academic1 sector;
  • Foster the implementation of novel and innovative techniques and therapies;
  • Gather expertise from various fields, even those not traditionally associated with respiratory research.