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Alumni Profile: Sarjeena Maodud

Sarjeena Maodud studied MSc Technology Management at the Centre for Systems Engineering, graduating in 2017

Picture of Sarjeena Maodud

What project are you currently working on?

I am currently working on developing and executing growth strategies for my start-up, Sheraspace, identifying areas of technology incorporation and implementing them in order to remain a disruptive player in the market.

What working achievement are you most proud of?

I have ideated, built a founding team, developed a novel tech-first business concept for the home improvement industry in Bangladesh. We have raised angel funding, grew the company to a team of 20 in less than 2 years and built a reputation as an innovation leader in the industry.

How would you describe your journey to your current role?

Starting from my time at UCL to founding and leading my company now, it has been an intellectually stimulating, thoroughly challenging and a very exciting journey, that has challenged me in various ways and enabled me to develop myself in the surroundings of the amazing people that I have met along the way - both my course mates and professional contacts.

What motivated you to study at UCLse?

The course content of the MSc programme, its focus on practical application and the world class teaching faculty motivated me to study here.

How did studying at UCLse help to shape your career?

The programme content equipped me with the knowledge and leadership skills to be able to strive in a business environment and lead technology-driven innovations. The ability to apply systems thinking in the context of an enterprise and strategically apply technology to streamline various processes are valuable skills that I find myself applying in various contexts.

What advice would you give to current UCLse students?

I would highly recommend students to actively participate in all activities the programme has to offer - classroom lectures, case study sessions and exercises. The teaching faculty is extremely supportive of your learning needs and there are also great opportunities to interact and connect with professionals who are working in the industry and taking courses on the programme, part-time. UCL clubs and societies also offer plenty of opportunities for networking, skill-building and learning outside of the classroom. All in all, it is a very insightful and an enriching learning experience with plenty of opportunities to benefit from.