UCL Centre for Systems Engineering


Alumni Profile: Marie Tschida

Marie Tschida studied Technology Management at the Centre for Systems Engineering, graduating in 2018.


What project are you currently working on?
Technology consulting: assuring and managing technology transformation programmes and projects 

What working achievement are you most proud of?
Being promoted after only seven months with the firm 

How would you describe your journey to your current role?
Interesting, informative, educational, challenging, fun, insightful - in summary, I have learned a lot from people that I have met on the journey and I have been able to grow and develop myself every day. 

What motivated you to study at UCLse?
The content of the programme and its relevance to my career as a technology consultant as well as the focus on real life projects and examples that the programme has.
How did studying at UCLse help to shape your career?
The Technology Management course allowed me to gain insight to different parts and areas of the system lifecycle and showed me which areas I would be interested in working in and which ones would not be a good fit for me. The insights I gained through studying at UCLse shaped my job search after graduation. 

What advice would you give to current UCLse students? 
Actively participate in all case studies and exercises that are offered during the courses. The more you participate, the more you will be able to take away from the course. I would especially recommend this in the courses where the part time students join. These students are usually full time employed and bring a lot of experience and insight to their jobs and therefore you can learn a lot from them when actively working together.