UCL Centre for Systems Engineering


Project Simulation

Module Director: Ms Helena Andres Hilarion

Credits: 15

Assessment: Project Simulation Report (80%), Project Simulation Presentation (20%)

Module overview

The project simulation will introduce a number of challenges that might be encountered when managing a real, complex project.  Topics covered will include:

  • Risk and estimation
  • Understanding stakeholders and requirements in the global environment
  • Managing the project team
  • Effective management of contracts
  • Cost and schedule control

The students will work in groups of 3-5 to manage a complex simulated project (defined by the tutor) over a series of five 1-day episodes, each day focusing on a different type of challenge. Each student will lead the team for at least one of the episodes.

After the module, students will work together to explain their experiences, justify the decisions they took and reflect on the appropriateness of these decisions.

They will prepare and deliver a 5000-word report, present to an audience of tutors and students, and respond to questions about it.

What you will learn

The Project Simulation aims to give students experience of applying techniques introduced in the Taught Modules (especially Delivering Complex Projects) in realistic situations.

Students will gain experience of:

  • The challenges of complex projects
  • Decision-making under time constraints
  • Leading a team
  • Conventions in academic writing
  • Literature search methods
  • Planning of research work
  • Planning of small projects in general
  • Academic presentation skills