Clinical Trials in Stroke

Ongoing clinical trials contribute to our understanding of the causes of stroke, treatment and recovery.

Ongoing clinical trials are listed below.  For full information, click on the accompanying link.  Send any enquiries to stroke@ucl.ac.uk

Acute Trials - Acute stroke trials invite patients to participate within a short time period after the onset of stroke symptoms - up to 12 hours, 72 hours, 96 hours and 120 hours.  

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Hyperacute Trials - Research in the hyperacute time period - within 9 hours following a stroke - provides time-dependent, effective stroke treatments.  

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Randomised Controlled Trials - Randomised controlled trials are the gold standard for studying the efficacy and safety of new treatments.  Participants are randomly allocated a specific intervention/treatment versus being a control. 

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Observational Studies - Observational studies look at the after-effects of stroke, at rehabilitation and other interventions designed to aid recovery and adjustment.

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