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Data Governance Operating Model

How are we governing our data?

The Data Governance Operating Model is based on four levels of accountability; Operational, Tactical, Strategic and Executive.

Data Governance Operating Model diagram

The Operational level is governed by Data stewards who are responsible for the day-to-day assurance of data management, and quality, on behalf of the Data Owner.

The next level is Tactical where Data Owners are accountable for how data in their domain is managed, and its quality. They are senior stakeholders with decision making powers and the ability to authorise data initiatives.

The Strategic level is governed by the Data Governance Group. This group makes strategic data governance decisions that cannot be made at the lower levels and have an impact across the organisation. Included on the Group are Data Owners and representatives from ISD and Data Protection.

The highest level is the Executive. Decisions about data governance are rarely escalated to the Executive level. However, University Management Committee have an important function in supporting, sponsoring, and understanding data governance.

Each level of the model is supported and advised by Information Security, Data Protection and Data Governance.

The Data Governance Group page gives more information on this group and its role.

Further information on the Data Governance Operating Model.