UCL Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy


Engineering Policy Group

STEaPP’s Engineering Policy Group is a transdisciplinary engineering and research community focused on understanding the role of engineering in society: how engineering is governed (policy for engineering); how engineering interacts with policy (engineering advice) and how best to reshape engineering for society.

Engineering is the disciplinary and professional space that shapes the everyday, from the width of our pavements to the material for our dishes, to the engines powering our vehicles to the gases we push into the atmosphere. Yet engineering remains hidden from policy and its governance somehow beyond the reach of government. The work of the Engineering Policy Group aims to explore this invisible – yet incredibly important – community in relation to policy making.

The work of the group is divided into three streams, reflecting on the one hand the interfaces between engineering and policy and governance, and other the other need for transformation in engineering and policy-relevant sciences and training.