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Deltas' Dealings with Uncertainty (DoUbT)

Deltas' Dealings with Uncertainty: Multiple Practices and Knowledges of Delta Governance (DoUbT) combines science and technology studies with the anthropology of development to interrogate how uncertainties are understood and dealt with in environmental planning. DoUbT focuses on four deltas in Asia with diverging cultural and historical trajectories and contemporary dynamics (Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Vietnam). The project interacts with delta-planning professionals and academics involved in the four deltas and/or in deltas of 'origin'.

DoUbT is an ORA project funded by the Dutch, UK, French and Japanese national science funding organisations for the period 2016-2019. UCL STEaPP leads the ESRC-funded UK component of the project. The department's research situates global delta-knowledge networks in relation to other global knowledge networks with the aim of understanding the rise and functioning of current day global delta-knowledge networks and their impacts on policies for deltas located in developing countries. 

Once mapped, global delta-knowledge networks will be studied in relation to the four case-study deltas and in relation to four specific objects (climate models, deltas plans, hydrological models, agronomic research).

STEaPP contributors

Petersen 2016
Professor Arthur Petersen
Professor of Science, Technology and Public Policy

Wanida Aaltonen
Wanida Aaltonen
Research Assistant

Daniel Hogendoorn
Daniel Hogendoorn
Research Associate

Lucas Somavilla Croxatto
Lucas Somavilla
PhD candidate 

UK funder

  • ESRC


  • University of Amsterdam
  • Osaka University
  • Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement