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Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development

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Contributing to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the leading international body for the assessment of climate change

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Deltas' Dealings with Uncertainty (DoUbT)

Deltas' Dealings with Uncertainty: Multiple Practices and Knowledges of Delta Governance (DoUbT) combines science and technology studies with the anthropology of development to interrogate how uncertainties are understood and dealt with in environmental planning

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Longitudinal UK Energy Survey (LUKES)

The UCL Centre for Energy Epidemiology (CEE) together with the STEaPP and the National Centre for Social Research are working on a project supported by the UK government Department of Energy and Climate Change on the feasibility of a large-scale UK longitudinal panel of energy use in homes and businesses

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Physics and Energy Social Research (PhaESR)

PhaESR is a 5-month project examining the scope for integrating social research and physics for the benefit of understanding energy use better

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Agro-industries and Clean Energy in Africa (AGRICEN)

Agro-industries and clean energy in Africa (AGRICEN) is a five-year research programme exploring how agro-industries in sub-Saharan Africa could contribute to improving rural energy access

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Governing Inclusive Green Growth in Africa (GIGGA)

This project aims to articulate the research and policy action needed to facilitate effective green growth in the continent, with specific emphasis on the dynamics of inequality, justice, and inclusiveness

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Greening Industrialisation in Ethiopia

This project explores the benefits, costs and uncertainties of greening industrial development in three Ethiopian industrial sectors: leather, cement and garments

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East Africa-India-UK research collaboration to improve access to cancer care in East Africa

Exploring the potential of linking technological advances in India with innovative production methods in East Africa, to increase access to low-cost cancer care in Kenya and Tanzania

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Promoting science, technology and innovation in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda

This project investigates the current knowledge systems in three African countries to determine how best to produce and mobilise knowledge, and determine approaches for effective investment of capabilities and knowledge in the region

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OVERCOME will work to address specific challenges in flood, drought, and related disease risk management through creation of innovative technological methodologies and applications

A nitrogen case-study

Demonstrating dependencies between humanity and nature towards a sustainable future: a nitrogen case-study

Seeking to present a different narrative of the relationship between people and nature in the context of the nitrogen cycle