Statistical Science


Studying Abroad Programme

The Department of Statistical Science has an established MSci programme ''Statistical Science - International Programme''. This is a four year degree where the third year is spent at a leading university institution abroad.


Aims of the international programme

The International Programme aims at continuing advanced education in Statistics, as well as providing experience of education in a different cultural and/or linguistic setting which will broaden the horizon of students and increase chances to find positions with special emphasis on international expertise. The year abroad will offer the opportunity to study a greater variety of theory and methods of Statistics and related areas. The experience of spending a year abroad and being exposed to another cultural but also scientific community will intrinsically contribute to developing skills such as the ability to take different perspectives, awareness of different possible approaches to a problem, independence of mind and thought. Also, students will be exposed to a range of different teaching and assessment methods.


Structure of the international programme

Years 1 and 2

The first two years of the international programme are spent at UCL. The courses taken in the first two years follow one of our usual BSc programmes (Statistics, Stats & Economics, etc.) - this has to be fixed at the beginning of the first year. In the second year it might be possible or necessary to take additional language courses if the year abroad is in a non-English speaking country. The International Office will further carry out a preparatory course that will introduce students to budgeting, health, insurance and legal issues while abroad.

Year 3

The third year is spent at a university abroad (for possible places see below). The choice of courses taken abroad will be equivalent in quantity and depth to the third year at UCL and has to be agreed beforehand by the Study Abroad Tutor and Departmental Tutor so as to make sure that there is no overlap, that the courses are at a suitable level and that they provide a sensible complement to the courses taken at UCL. This year abroad has to be substantially composed of courses in Statistics or closely related allied disciplines such as Mathematics, Econometrics, Operations Research, Computer Science. The courses taken abroad will be formally assessed by the host institution. 

Year 4

The fourth year is back at UCL. The course choice in the fourth year will take into account any 'gaps' that might have occurred due to the year abroad. In addition, a range of level 7 options will be available. Overall, at least one quarter of a year's worth of project work should be taken - either abroad or at UCL or split between the two. 


In general, the degree awarded according to the scheme of awards of honours is an ''MSci in Statistical Science - International programme''.


Who is eligible?

  • Students can enrol directly onto this degree. Alternatively, a transfer to the international programme is possible before the first term in the second year.
  • Students undertaking a Study Abroad programme variant must be in good academic standing and have a good attendance record at any compulsory elements of their programme such as tutorials and practicals in order to demonstrate that they would be good 'ambassadors' for UCL.
  • An average mark of at least 60% in first and second-year courses will be required.
  • In rare cases it might happen that more students meet the above conditions than can be funded by the existing exchange agreements. In this case, the best students will be selected for the funded places.
  • More information on eligibility can be found in the Handbook for Statistics Undergraduates accessible from the Current Students section of the department webpage.


Where can you spend the year abroad?

  • In recent years students have successfully studied in Canada, Singapore and the USA.
  • The UCL Study Abroad team maintain a list of potential destinations for students from each UCL department.
  • Potential destinations include univerisities in Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and the USA.


More questions?

Information sessions, organised by the International Office, will take place in term 1. If, after attending an information session, you want more specific information or have further questions, please use the following resources: