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Dr Gareth Peters invited keynote presenter at central banking conference in Abu Dhabi

23 November 2017

Dr Gareth Peters gave three invited presentations on operational risk and cyber risk insurance at the international central banking conference hosted in Abu Dhabi. 

  • Session 1: Operational risk capital: controversy in focus, with Patricia Jackson, former Strategic Adviser, Ernst & Young and former Head of the Financial Industry and Regulation Division, Bank of England as a discussant.
  • Session 2: Stress-testing in focus, with Olivier de Bandt, Director of Research, Prudential Supervisory Authority, Banque de France as a discussant
  • Session 3: Cyber Security and Cyber Insurance.

The conference took place in Abu Dhabi from 20-23 November 2017 and was attended by a range of international senior central banking delegates seeking to better understand the emerging challenges that could affect their policy development in practice.