Statistical Science


Statistical Science creates two research fellow positions

7 March 2019

Statistical Science is happy to announce the creation of two research fellow positions funded by the department. These positions aim at providing support for academic staff, while providing some freedom for fellows to pursue their own independent program as aligned with the research strategy of the supervisor. 

One position was awarded to a project led by Dr Alex Beskos and Professor Petros Dellaportas. The research will focus on developing sound statistical methodology for systematically analysing DNA methylation data. This will involve the development of fully Bayesian statistical models as well as the computational methods for fitting such models. This will require scalable algorithms and HPC as the data sizes can be of order 10^7 or more. This team will collaborate with the Medical Genomics Research Group led by Prof Stephan Beck at the UCL Cancer Institute.

The other position has been filled by Andrea Gabrio, under the supervision of Professor Gianluca Baio. The post is jointly funded by the Departmental Fellowship and the Department of Primary Care and Population Health at UCL and the aim of the post is to work on applied methodology, particularly in the area of economic evaluation of health care interventions. The research will focus on several problems, including full Bayesian modelling for missing data (which is a particularly interesting problem in the field of health economics, as it involves a joint bivariate, non-normally distributed outcome that can be subject to missingness, with the underlying mechanisms also potentially correlated). The post will also actively seek external funding, e.g. in collaboration with industrial partners