Report lost or found property

You can report, hand-in and claim lost property by contacting the Security Operations Desk, based in the Andrew Huxley building between Malet Place and Gordon Square. You can also report lost property using the online form. The Security team manages lost property enquiries in Bloomsbury. Lost property from other parts of UCL will be kept close to where it's handed in.

Before you start

The Security team will keep items for 28 days. After that UCL will dispose of it. 

Access to items in long term storage is only available between 8am–6pm, Monday to Friday. 

The following items will be immediately destroyed: 

perishable goods ; and

items considered unhygienic or a health hazard.

For urgent enquiries, please call the Security Operations Desk on +44 (0)20 8138 7219 or UCL ext 07219.

If you have lost property in one of the buildings below, contact them directly.  

Bloomsbury Theatre 
020 7388 8822 

Bloomsbury Fitness Centre 
020 7679 7221 

The Cruciform Building 
020 7679 6888 

1. Report lost property

You can report lost property on the UCL Lost and Found site. 

2. Claim lost property

You can claim lost property from Security Operations Desk in Foster Court, Malet Place.

3. Report found property

Please report any lost property you find on UCL premises.