Manage a staff appraisal

Appraisal is designed to enable effective two-way communication. It is key for identifying training and development needs and ensuring those needs are met. This guide will help you to run an effective appraisal.

Before you start

Make sure:

1. Two weeks to go - Prepare the appraisal

Two weeks before the review, send the relevant form to the person going through the appraisal. 

2. One week to go - Prepare the appraisal

Read through the returned information. You may find it helpful to meet briefly with the person you are appraising so you are both clear about the purpose and the range of issues you will discuss in the appraisal.

3. The appraisal meeting


  • achievements against objectives
  • future career plans, development needs and any other issues.
4. After the appraisal

Complete and sign part B and part C of the appraisal form and send it to the appraisee. This must be done within 10 days of the review meeting.