Apply for shared parental leave

This guide is for employees who are mothers/primary adopters or partners of the mother/primary adopter. Shared parental leave allows parents to care for a new child in a more flexible way, by sharing up to 52 weeks of leave in blocks, for the first year after the child's birth/adoption.

Before you start

Assuming you meet the eligibility tests, you must give at least eight weeks' notice of your intention to take shared parental leave.

1. Read the Parental Leave and Pay policy. Book a consultation with the Employment Policy team

The policy contains the full details of entitlements and eligibility. You can also book a consultation with the Employment Policy team.  

2. Work out what leave you want to request

Think about when you want to end your maternity or adoption leave and start any period(s) of shared parental leave.

3. Talk to your manager

We strongly encourage you to speak to your manager as soon as you can about your shared parental leave plans.

4. Complete the online Shared Parental Leave form

All three forms have been combined into one and can be accessed via the link below, please specify whether you are the mother/primary parent at the start of the form so that you can be redirected to the relevant areas of the form.

5. Form goes to your line manager/PI
6. Form goes to HR Services
7. Applying for additional blocks of Shared Parental leave

Fill out the Shared Parental PLN(V) form in order to apply for additional blocks of leave.

(Please be aware that you can take up to 3 blocks of leave within a 12 month period, and your original Shared Parental leave application will count as one block.)